Microcosmos vase

Microcosmos vase

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This gentle, spellbinding vase is a masterful union between traditional art and modern design, with a new-age, authorial illustration. It depicts a microscopic perspective of the forest depths, a never-ending story. The vase is a limited edition of 25 pieces.
“Microcosmos is like a virtuosic composition that gradually goes from the simplest of tones to the most challenging. From a natural material, to the work of the glassmakers and engravers, all the way to the noble charm of hands touching the finished piece,” describes the illustration’s author,


Unique people have left their imprints on this unique collection. Talented, strong, courageous. The master glassmakers, cutters, and engravers who have passed down the art of craftsmanship at Moser for generations. Their works fascinated by natural structures and archetypal shapes are united with modern design in flawless harmony


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